Tracey Lien

Country: United States

Tracey Lien is an accomplished Australian author renowned for her debut novel All That’s Left Unsaid. Originally from South Western Sydney, Australia, she pursued her passion for writing and earned an MFA from the University of Kansas. Before delving into her writing career, Tracey worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Currently residing in Brooklyn, New York, she continues to hone her literary talents, captivating readers with her compelling storytelling.

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Tracey Lien adalah seorang penulis Australia berprestasi yang dikenal akan novel perdananya All That’s Left Unsaid. Aslinya dari South Western Sydney, Australia, ia mengejar kecintaannya terhadap dunia tulis menulis dan mendapatkan gelar MFA dari University of Kansas. Sebelum menyelami karir menulisnya, Tracey bekerja sebagai wartawan Los Angeles Times. Kini bermukim di Brooklyn, New York, ia tetap mengasah bakat sastrawinya, memukau para pembaca dengan teknik berceritanya yang menggugah.

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