Ruwi Meita

Country: Indonesia

Ruwi Meita is an Indonesian writer who has adapted 11 feature-length screen scenarios into novels. Additionally, she has authored 12 independent novels, including The Secret on Hatting, The Apula’s Child, Cruise Chronicle, Kaliluna: Wounds in Salamanca, Soul-sucking Camera, Days of Terror, Mystery of the Salt Statue, and others.

Ruwi Meita adalah penulis Indonesia yang telah menyadur 11 skenario feature layar lebar ke dalam bentuk novel. Lebih jauh lagi, ia telah menuliskan 12 novel independen, termasuk The Secret on HattingThe Apula’ ChildCruise ChronicleKailuna: Wounds in SalamancaSoul-sucking CameraDays of TerrorMystery of the Salt Statue dan lebih banyak lagi.

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