Dr. Ravi Shankar

Country: USA

Dr. Ravi Shankar, a Pushcart prize-winning translator, professor, and author, has published 15 books, including W.W. Norton’s Language for a New Century, the Muse India Award winner Autobiography of a Goddess, and most recently, a memoir called Correctional. He has appeared on The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR), BBC, and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Newshour. Ravi is currently Chairman of the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT) and teaches creative writing at Tufts University.

Dr. Ravi Shankar, seorang penerjemah pemenang Pushcart, profesor, dan penulis. Telah menerbitkan 15 buku, termasuk W.W. Norton’s Language for a New Century, pemenang penghargaan Muse India Autobiography of a Goddess, dan yang terbaru, sebuah memoar berjudul Correctional. Ia telah banyak muncul di The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR), BBC, dan Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Newshour. Ravi saat ini adalah ketua Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT) dan mengajar penulisan kreatif di Universitas Tufts.

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