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Pamela Allen

Country: Australia

Pamela Allen is an Adjunct Professor of Indonesian language and literature at the University of Tasmania, Australia. She has translated and published a wide range of literary genres from Indonesian to English, including short stories, novels, and poetry. She is the English translator of Ayu Utami’s award-winning novel Saman and she regularly interprets and translates for the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali and has for many years served as a translator and editor for the Lontar Foundation in Jakarta. In 2018 she won First Prize in the Literary Prose Translation Competition organized by AALITRA (Australian Association for Literary Translation).

Pamela Allen adalah Guru Besar Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia di Universitas Tasmania, Australia. Ia telah menerjemahkan dan menerbitkan berbagai genre sastra dari bahasa Indonesia ke bahasa Inggris, termasuk cerita pendek, novel, dan puisi. Ia adalah penerjemah bahasa Inggris dari novel pemenang penghargaan Ayu Utami, Saman dan ia sering menjadi translator dan interpreter untuk Ubud Writers and Readers Festival di Bali dan telah lama menjabat sebagai penerjemah dan editor untuk Yayasan Lontar di Jakarta. Pada tahun 2018 ia memenangkan Hadiah Pertama dalam Literary Prose Translation Competition yang diselenggarakan oleh AALITRA (Asosiasi Penerjemahan Sastra Australia).

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