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Nicole Abadee

Country: Australia

Nicole Abadee writes for Good Weekend about books and literature. She also has a podcast, Books, Books, Books, where she interviews top international and Australian writers about their latest work. She appears regularly as a moderator at literary events, including Sydney Writers’ Festival and Byron Writers’ Festival and is a judge for the 2021 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.

Supported by The Australian Embassy, Jakarta

Nicole Abadee menulis untuk Good Weekend tentang buku dan sastra. Ia juga memiliki podcast, Books, Books, Books di mana dirinya mewawancarai penulis internasional dan Australia terkemuka tentang karya terbaru mereka. Ia muncul secara teratur sebagai moderator di acara-acara sastra, termasuk Sydney Writers’ Festival dan Byron Writers’ Festival dan merupakan juri untuk NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 2021.

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