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Meita Kasim

Country: Indonesia

Meita Kasim began her writing career in the 1990s as a creative scriptwriter with Hard Rock FM Jakarta, whilst also working as one of their Music Directors, Radio DJs, and Radio Show Producers. She moved to Bali and continued her career as a Radio DJ and Program Director at Hard Rock Radio. She maintained her focus on writing by becoming a full-time writer for the magazine The Beat and Let’s Eat! After moving to Hong Kong in 2011, she worked briefly as a part-time DJ and a language teacher at the Hong Kong Language Learning Center. Upon her return to Bali three years later, she wrote her debut novel, inspired by her own coming-of-age story.

Meita Kasim memulai karir menulisnya pada 1990-an sebagai penulis naskah kreatif di Hard Rock FM Jakarta, juga bekerja sebagai salah satu Direktur Musik, DJ Radio, dan Produser Acara Radio. Ia pindah ke Bali dan melanjutkan karirnya sebagai Radio DJ dan Program Director di Hard Rock Radio. Ia mempertahankan fokusnya pada menulis untuk majalah The Beat dan Let’s Eat! Setelah pindah ke Hong Kong pada tahun 2011, ia pernah bekerja sebagai DJ paruh waktu dan guru bahasa di Pusat Pembelajaran Bahasa Hong Kong. Sekembalinya ke Bali tiga tahun kemudian, ia menulis novel debutnya yang terinspirasi oleh kisahnya sendiri.

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