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Louise Bassett

Country: Australia

Louise Bassett writes for both young adults and adults. Her debut novel, The Hidden Girl, was shortlisted for the Ampersand Prize and her other award-winning fiction has been published internationally. After attending university in Adelaide, she worked in international aid in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Papua New Guinea. The Hidden Girl was inspired by her experiences living in Indonesia, scaling volcanoes, and working with human rights activists.

Louise Bassett menulis untuk pemabaca remaja dan dewasa. Novel debutnya, The Hidden Girl, terpilih untuk Ampersand Prize dan karya fiksi lainnya telah diterbitkan secara internasional. Setelah kuliah di Adelaide, ia bekerja di bantuan internasional di Indonesia, Kamboja, Vietnam, dan Papua Nugini. The Hidden Girl terinspirasi dari pengalamannya tinggal di Indonesia, mendaki gunung berapi, dan bekerja dengan aktivis hak asasi manusia.

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