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Karina Robles Bahrin

Country: Malaysia

Karina Robles Bahrin is the winner of South-East Asia’s richest literary prize for unpublished manuscripts, the Epigram Books Fiction Prize (EBFP) in 2022. Her debut novel, The Accidental Malay, was published by Epigram in August of this year. Karina’s short fiction work has appeared in several Malaysian anthologies. She lives and works on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia.

Karina Robles Bahrin adalah pemenang hadiah sastra bergengsi di Asia Tenggara untuk naskah yang tidak diterbitkan, Epigram Books Fiction Prize pada (EBFP) tahun 2022. Novel debutnya, The Accidental Malay, diterbitkan oleh Epigram pada bulan Agustus tahun ini. Karya fiksi pendek Karina telah muncul di beberapa antologi Malaysia. Ia tinggal dan bekerja di pulau Langkawi, Malaysia.

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