George Quinn

Country: New Zealand

George Quinn, born in New Zealand, is an expert in Javanese literature and religion. He is the retired Head of the Southeast Asia Centre at the Australian National University. He is best known for his top-selling study Bandit Saints of Java in 2019, which delves deep into the exotic culture of pilgrimage, popular history, and storytelling at the tombs of Java’s local saints. Its Indonesian translation, Wali Berandal Tanah Jawa, was published in 2021. George Quinn is also recognized for his research on modern literature in the Javanese language, initially published as The Novel in Javanese in 1992 and later translated into Indonesian as Novel Berbahasa Jawa in 1995. He is the compiler and translator of the very first English-language anthology of post-independence Javanese fiction, She Wanted to be a Beauty Queen in 2023. George Quinn is fluent in Indonesian and Javanese.

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