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Geoffrey Williams


Following a varied career that included Cultural Manager for City of Sydney, Chief Executive of Australian Film Institute and General Manager of Chambermade Opera, Geoffrey retired to Ubud to read and write.

Setelah berbagai karir yang meliputi Manajer Budaya untuk Kota Sydney, Kepala Eksekutif Institut Film Australia dan Manajer Umum Opera Chambermade, Geoffrey pensiun ke Ubud untuk menghabiskan waktunya membaca dan menulis.

Appearing in

Special Event | Journeys: The Uncharted Voyage

Sip on jewel-coloured cocktails in Boliche, Ubud’s hidden, lamp-lit bar, while savouring tapas and the words of Giuseppe Catozzella, nominated UN Goodwill Ambassador and acclaimed Italian novelist, Joao Morgado, award-winning …