Felix K. Nesi

Country: Indonesia

Felix K. Nesi is the founder of a literacy community, the Leko Community, and an online bookstore and publisher called Buku Fanu in Kupang. He writes poetry, short stories, and essays in several newspapers such as Kompas, Tempo, Media Indonesia, and Jawa Pos. His novel, Orang-Orang Oetimu, was awarded the winner of the novel competition by the Jakarta Art Council in 2018.

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Felix K. Nesi adalah pendiri komunitas literasi, Komunitas Leko, dan toko buku online dan penerbit Buku Fanu di Kupang. Ia menulis puisi, cerpen, dan esai di beberapa surat kabar seperti Kompas, Tempo, Media Indonesia, dan Jawa Pos. Novelnya, Orang-Orang Oetimu, mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai pemenang Sayembara Novel Dewan Kesenian Jakarta di 2018.

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