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Faye Olayo

Country: Philippines

Faye Olayo is a community worker, writer, and storyteller, and is a member of the writers’ collectives Ubbog Cordilerra Writers and The Baguio Writers Group. Faye is also the Co-creator and Co-host of The Little Brown Podcast, which focuses on Indigenous experiences in the homeland and the diaspora. Their first spoken word album, Body of Work (2020), is a meditation on violence, trauma, and healing.

Faye Olayo adalah seorang pekerja komunitas, penulis dan pendongeng. Ia adalah anggota dari kelompok penulis Ubbog Cordilerra Writers dan The Baguio Writers Group. Faye juga Co-creator dan Co-host dari The Little Brown Podcast, yang berfokus pada pengalaman penduduk asli dan diaspora. Album spoken word pertamanya, Body of Work (2020), adalah sebuah meditasi tentang kekerasan, trauma, dan penyembuhan.

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