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Bandana Tewari

Country: India

Bandana Tewari is a lifestyle journalist/editor and sustainable activist. She was also the Editor and Fashion Features Director of VOGUE India for 13 years, soldifying her as a definitive figure in the fashion industry. She has written for The Business of Fashion, where she explores a breadth of topics, including Indonesia’s place in the industry. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in literature and a Master’s Degree in communications and filmmaking.

Bandana Tewari adalah jurnalis/editor gaya hidup dan aktivis berkelanjutan. Ia juga editor dan direktur fitur mode VOGUE India selama 13 tahun, menjualnya sebagai figur definitif dalam industri mode. Ia telah menulis untuk The Business of Fashion, di mana ia mengeksplorasi berbagai topik, termasuk posisi Indonesia di industri ini. Ia memegang gelar Sarjana di bidang sastra dan gelar Master di bidang komunikasi dan pembuatan film.

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