Ayu Utami

Country: Indonesia

Ayu Utami received the 2000 Prince Claus Award and the 2018 Ahmad Bakrie Award for Literature. During Indonesia’s military regime, she was a journalist and activist for freedom of the press. She was one of the founders of the Alliance of Independent Journalists. Her first novel, Saman, became a beacon of freedom during the movement for political change in Indonesia.

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Ayu Utami menerima Prince Claus Award 2000 dan Ahmad Bakrie Award 2018 untuk Sastra. Selama rezim militer Indonesia, ia adalah seorang jurnalis dan aktivis kebebasan pers. Dia adalah salah satu pendiri Aliansi Jurnalis Independen. Novel pertamanya, Saman, menjadi mercusuar kebebasan selama gerakan perubahan politik di Indonesia.

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