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#TheThreadStory, Democratizing Literature Through The Simple Act of Tweeting

Posted: 05 November 2021

For the last two decades, we’ve been striving to improve Indonesia’s literary landscape through the wonder of books. As the flag-bearer of Indonesia’s literacy culture, we aim to create a more inclusive literature community and gain more participants for the festival. We observed that people are all passionate storytellers on social media and hence a massive opportunity to give the world new exciting writers and authors by providing them a space to channel their passion. 

We launched #TheThreadStory to embrace the youth microblogging culture on social media to create the country’s first-ever book written from everyone’s tweets. #TheThreadStory started with a simple tweet, and then it became bigger beyond our expectations. From netizens to world-renowned authors, even governors came aboard to write and continue the story. The thread successfully generated more than 200 tweets from more than 100 users. 

#TheThreadStory is made possible through the power of collaboration with Twitter, as the platform where we hosted the initiative and boosted our festival awareness, and special mention for M&C Saatchi Indonesia, as our creative partner that helped us bring the idea to life. #TheThreadStory helps us to encourage more young Indonesians to rekindle their love for books. And also, it shows that writing and reading could be more inclusive and, definitely, exciting. 

You can read or download the book here