Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for showing up and supporting the 171 children from the Cugenang Elementary School in West Java. Their school was recently affected by a powerful earthquake, and your support has made so much difference.

Almost two months ago, an earthquake damaged more than 80 schools in Indonesia’s main island, Java whilst classes were still underway. During the earthquake, the public primary school – Cugenang Elementary, in the village of Cianjur, was left heavily damaged. Two teenagers were killed, people were injured, and more than 30 kids had lost their parents. A supply team has delivered tents for the temporary school that’s been put up.

We asked you to step up for the children and to help buy essential school supplies, such as pens, school bags, notebooks, folding tables, and learning tools – and you delivered!

We are deeply grateful for all the support you have shown to help these children get back to school. Not only is it important for their education, but going back to their routine can help with trauma. We would not have accomplished what we did if it wasn’t for your help.

Here is the proof of how your support made a difference for the children of Cianjur: