Stories from the archipelago | The Exclamation Mark on the Body by Deasy Tirayoh

Posted: 18 April 2017

the exclamation mark on the body by deasy tirayoh

The mysteries and uncertainties of young love are symbolized by an exclamation mark drawn on the body. Over moonlit New Year’s Eves filled with fireworks and British rock music, Kamga and Riu tiptoe around each other. What will tie them together in the end?

“A drawing of a vertical line dividing the abdomen down to the navel.” Riu had enacted it dramatically with her index finger. But not on Kamga’s body. She gave him a marker pen and asked him to draw a line on her body. That was a year ago after a long New Year’s Eve without a wink of sleep.

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the Author

Mother of two, Deasy Tirayoh is a poet and script writer, and also writes short stories. Her recent book is Tanda Seru di Tubuh, and she’s an active member of the local literary community of Rumah Andakara. She’s now living in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi.


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