Stories from the archipelago | The Monkey Handler by Boni Chandra

Posted: 14 March 2017

The monkey handler by boni chandra

A small village of coconut plantation owners is unsettled by the sudden disappearance of its star monkey handler. The villagers rely on the handler’s monkeys to pick their coconuts – without him there can be none of their favorite coconut-rich dishes. As soon as the cherished monkey handler disappears, another one, equally as skilled, starts offering his services, raising some villagers’ suspicions.

“This is the second week, Uda. How come Mak Awu hasn’t come?” Juita began to knead her blouse and bite her lip. That morning she was looking thinner than usual, especially as she was upset. For three days she hadn’t cooked any spicy beef rendang or fish curry, dishes which need coconuts, and she was really worried. Not just about my appetite for these dishes. My wife in her long blouse was more worried about Mak Awu, the renowned monkey handler, whose fine moustache hadn’t been seen hereabouts for some time.

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the Author

West Sumatra-born Boni Chandra writes short stories and children stories. His works have been published widely, across mediums including television, newspapers, radio and online. In 2014, his short story Peserta Sayembara was chosen as the winner of the Sayembara Penulisan Cerpen Hutanta.

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