Stories from the archipelago | The Long Road to Peace in Aceh by Murizal Hamzah

Posted: 11 April 2017

The Long Road to Peace in Aceh by Murizal Hamzah

For Hasan Tiro, founder of the Free Aceh Movement (in Indonesian Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, or GAM), Indonesia was another name for the Dutch East Indies. At 51 he led the anti-Republican movement, which sought Aceh’s independence from Indonesia.

Over time, that commitment gave rise to the desire to end the tyranny in his homeland. Hasan Tiro was distressed by the endless suffering of the Acehnese people. The leader of the Cuban independence movement, the poet and writer José Julián Martí Pérez (1853–1895) once said that everyone should feel the pain on their cheek when somebody else’s face is slapped.

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the Author

Murizal Hamzah is a writer and a journalist. After graduating from Social and Economic Agriculture at the University of Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh in 2001, he trained in investigative reporting in the US. His recent biography, Jalan Panjang Menuju Damai Aceh (2014), tells the story of the leader of the Free Aceh Movement, Hasan Tiro.

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