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Stories from the archipelago | The Death of Black Crow by Sidik Nugroho

Posted: 28 March 2017

The Death of Black Crow by sidik nugroho

Two deaths preface this chapter: the murder of an adulterous wife, Dr Nina, by her vengeful husband Yogi, and the suicide by hanging of a writer, Gunawan, alias Black Crow. Tesha, the nurse who brought Dr Nina’s death to light, becomes romantically involved with Elang, and they travel to Pontianak and Singkawan in West Kalimantan. Do they suspect the mysterious link between the two deaths? .

When the plan arrived in Pontianak Elang took Tesha to his house. Just as he’d thought, Tesha was shocked by his paintings, especially the nudes. She asked him if he’d ever paint her like that some time. Elang knew the answer she hoped for and it was the one he gave. “No, never,” he said, shaking his head.

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the Author

Since winning third place in his college’s short story competition in 2002 for his work titled Surat Kakakku, Sidik Nugroho made the leap into the literary world. He writes in many forms, from short stories to novels. In recent years, he has been interested in exploring the topics of death and mystery.

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