Stories from the archipelago | I & A by Azri Zakkiyah

Posted: 16 February 2017

I & A by azri zakkiyah

The story of Agam, the photocopy man who works on the corner of Campus, and Inai, the entrepreneurial creative arts student from the Product Design Department. The beginning chapter of a journey that will unfold across Surabaya and Yogayakarta, the Javanese cities famed for their statues and spirituality respectively.

“His memory could store a maximum of fourteen photocopy orders and he could serve fourteen clients at the same time without asking them to repeat their orders.

Being the photocopier at the campus corner it seemed made him cleverer than all the students at that university campus. He had read almost all the materials studied by students from all the departments. He knew the answers to the quizzes they made multiple copies of, the homework illegally copied, the reports replicated, even the official lecture notes and modules. Sometimes when interested he made one more copy than they had requested. When a client left a photocopy order to be picked up later, he himself would have read it before it was collected by its owner.”

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the Author

Azri Zakkiyah is a graduate from Universitas Airlangga Surabaya. Her first novel was published during her first year of high school and, since then, she has published a further 13 books. She is currently finishing her Masters degree in Medical Physics.


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