Art Exhibition
18 October 2023 | 09:00 - 22:00
During the 24-year-long occupation of East Timor, members of the Indonesian military forces took thousands of children from their Timorese families across the border to Indonesia. More than 30 years later, Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR) has been tracing these stolen children, locating their families in Timor, and assisting in their reunification. Some of these parents have been placing flowers on the graves of their children for decades before discovering that they are still alive and eventually reuniting with them. This exhibition showcases photographs that depict their journeys and reunions.

Exhibition Dates: 18-22 OctoberOpening Times: 11:00 to 20;00Book Talks: 21 October at 18:30.

Sepanjang 24 tahun pendudukan Indonesia terhadap Timor Timur, para anggota militer Indonesia menculik ribuan anak-anak dari keluarga Timor mereka, menerobos perbatasan ke Indonesia. Lebih dari 30 tahun kemudian, Asia Justice and Rights telah melacak keberadaan anak-anak yang direnggut ini, melacak keberadaan keluarga mereka di Timor dan membantu mereka bertemu kembali. Beberapa di antara para orangtua ini telah meletakkan bunga di makan anak mereka, sebelum akhirnya menemukan bahwa anak-anak mereka masih hidup dan pada akhirnya dapat menjumpai mereka kembali. Pameran ini menunjukkan foto-foto yang menggambarkan perjalanan dan reuni mereka.

Tanggal Pameran: 18-22 OktoberJam Buka: 11:00 - 20:00Bincang Buku: 21 Oktober jam 18:30

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