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Main Program | The Story of Munir

29 Oct 2022 10:15 - 11:15
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Alang-Alang. Festival Hub @Taman Baca (Google Maps)

The 2004 mid-air murder of Munir Said Thalib, one of Indonesia’s most famous human rights activists, continues to haunt Indonesia. In the narrative nonfiction book, We Have Tired of Violence, Matt Easton brings to an international audience the dramatic murder plot and the titanic struggle to bring the perpetrators of Munir’s death to justice. Suciwati, the wife of the late Munir, has just published her account of life with Munir and of the events after his death, titled Mencintai Munir. She writes, “For me, loving Munir is fighting for truth and justice, which my husband fought for tirelessly all of his life.”

Pembunuhan di udara 2004 terhadap Munir Said Thalib, salah satu aktivis hak asasi manusia paling terkenal di Indonesia, terus menghantui Indonesia. Suciwati Munir, istri mendiang Munir, telah menerbitkan kisah hidupnya bersama Munir dan peristiwa setelah kematiannya, berjudul Mencintai Munir. Dia menulis, “Bagi saya, mencintai Munir adalah memperjuangkan kebenaran dan keadilan yang suami saya perjuangkan tanpa lelah sepanjang hidupnya.” Buku Matt Easton, We Have Tired of Violence, menggali perjuangan besar untuk membawa para pelaku ‘asli’ kematian Munir ke pengadilan.


Suciwati Munir

Suciwati Munir is the wife of Munir Said Thalib, a human rights activist who was poisoned on a flight to Amsterdam in 2004. For her persistence in seeking justice for …

Elaine Pearson

Elaine Pearson is the Asia Exeuctive Director at Human Rights Watch. Pearson has written articles for many publications including The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Australian. She has …

Matt Easton

Matt Easton is a human rights researcher, editor, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. His non fiction book, We Have Tired of Violence: A True Story of Murder, Memory, …

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