Main Program | Semut

09 Oct 2021 16:15 - 17:00
/ / IDR 299,000 (All Main Program Access)
Online via townscript.com | Live in Indus Restaurant, Bali & The Rechabite Hall, Perth.

In Semut, Christine Helliwell shares the story of an Australian secret military operation launched into the remote jungled heart of the Japanese-occupied island of Borneo, in the final months of World War II. Join her in conversation with Stephen Smith, as she shares the lives and traditions of the Dayaks in this unique account of two very different cultures.

This session is presented in English

Di Semut, Christine Helliwell berbagi cerita tentang operasi militer rahasia Australia yang diluncurkan ke jantung hutan terpencil di pulau Kalimantan yang diduduki Jepang, pada bulan-bulan terakhir Perang Dunia II. Bergabunglah dengannya dalam percakapan dengan Stephen Smith, saat ia berbagi kehidupan dan tradisi orang Dayak dalam kisah unik tentang dua budaya yang sangat berbeda ini.

Sesi in dipersembahkan dalam Bahasa Inggris


Christine Helliwell

Currently residing in Canberra, Australia, Christine Helliwell is a New Zealand-born anthropologist, author, academic, and Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University. She conducted extensive research and writing on Borneo’s …

Stephen Smith

Professor Stephen Smith is a Professor of Public International Law at the University of Western Australia and former Federal MP with the Australian Labor Party, serving in various federal portfolios …

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