Main Program | Narrative Shaping: Past into Future

20 Oct 2023 16:45 - 17:45
/ 4-Day or 1-Day Main Program Pass
Alang-Alang @Taman Baca. Jl Raya Sanggingan Ubud (Google Maps)

Debra Dank, Anita Heiss, and Kevin Jared Hosein guide you through a journey into the realm of storytelling. Debra Dank, a distinguished Gudanji/Wakaja author and narrative performance researcher, will present her impactful narratives that delve into themes of cultural identity, connection to Country, and resilience. Anita Heiss, a renowned Kamilaroi writer and activist, artfully intertwines tales of love, laughter, and hardship. Kevin Jared Hosein, a Caribbean novelist and short-story writer hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, breathes life into the distinct stories of his family, set in the 1940s and enriched by insights from his grandfather’s experiences. Listen to these contemporary voices as they celebrate the profound wisdom gleaned from their communities, communities, moderated by David Sly.

Debra Dank, Anita Heiss, dan Kevin Jared Hosein akan memandu Anda dalam sebuah perjalanan menuju dunia storytelling. Debra Dank, seorang penulis Gudanji/Wakaja terkemuka dan peneliti penampilan naratif, akan menyajikan penuturan-penuturannya yang berpengaruh, yang mendalami tema-tema identitas budaya, keterkaitan dengan negara, dan ketahanan. Anita Heiss, seorang penulis dan pegiat Kamilaroi kenamaan, dengan terampil menggabungkan kisah-kisah tentang percintaan, tawa, dan cobaan hidup. Kevin Jared Hosein, seorang novelis Karibia dan penulis cerita pendek yang datang dari Trinidad dan Tobago, menghembuskan napas ke dalam kisah-kisah keluarganya yang khas, berlatar tahun 1940an dan diperkaya oleh wawasan dari pengalaman hidup kakek-neneknya. Dengarkan suara-suara kontemporer ini merayakan kebijaksanaan mendalam yang ditimba dari komunitas mereka, dipandu oleh David Sly.


David Sly

David Sly is an Australian freelance writer, author, and editor. After 30 years in journalism, he has had the good fortune to pursue his passions in print. Based in Adelaide, …

Kevin Jared Hosein

Kevin Jared Hosein is a distinguished Caribbean novelist and short-story writer hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. His exceptional talent was recognized when he won the prestigious 2018 Commonwealth Short Story …

Anita Heiss

Professor Anita Heiss, a highly acclaimed Australian author, boasts a diverse repertoire that encompasses non-fiction, historical fiction, commercial fiction, and children’s novels. Her adult fiction repertoire includes works such as …

Debra Dank

Dr. Debra Dank, a proud Gudanji/Wakaja woman, has gifted the world a powerful memoir titled We Come With This Place. This remarkable work earned an unprecedented four out of fourteen …