Main Program | Mulat Sarira: Self Reflection

15 Oct 2021 15:00 - 16:00
/ / / IDR 299,000 (All Main Program Access)
Online via townscript.com | Live in Indus Restaurant . Jl. Raya Sanggingan (Google Maps)

Mulat Sarira is a Balinese philosophy that invites us to reflect on various aspects of ourselves and broader humanity, such as our relationship with the environment, society and the spiritual. It becomes a symbol of knowledge and philosophy. This panel will share more about this year’s theme, framed in reflective dialogue to interpret the changing role of literature in today’s society.

(This session is presented in Bahasa Indonesia)

Mulat Sarira adalah filosofi Bali yang mengajak kita untuk merenungkan berbagai aspek keberadaan manusia, terutama di tengah-tengah hubungan lingkungan, sosial, dan spiritual. Itu menjadi simbol pengetahuan dan filsafat. Panel ini akan lebih banyak berbagi tentang tema UWRF tahun ini, yang dibingkai dalam dialog reflektif untuk memaknai perubahan peran sastra dalam masyarakat saat ini.

(Sesi ini dipersembahkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

Wayan Juniarta is speaking live at Indus / hadir di Indus


I Wayan Juniarta

Balinese journalist, I Wayan Juniarta, finds solace in crafting essays and articles. His first and probably last book, Bungklang-Bungkling, explores the hilarity and ludicrousness of Balinese men. He often writes …

Cok Sawitri

Balinese author and performance artist, Cok Sawitri has written multiple books of poetry and collections of short stories, including various art and cultural articles. She founded the Tulus Ngayah Group …

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