Main Program | Keeping Bali’s Folklore Alive

29 Oct 2020 13:00 - 14:00
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Legendary Balinese cultural preservationist Made Taro received the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019. His son, Gede Tarmada, is carrying on the tradition. Join them to learn about Bali’s traditional games, songs, and folklore, and why they feel it’s crucial to keep them alive.

Pelestari budaya Bali yang legendaris, Made Taro menerima Lifetime Achievement Award dari Ubud Writers & Readers Festival pada tahun 2019. Putranya, Gede Tarmada meneruskan tradisi yang selama ini dikerjakan ayahnya. Bergabunglah dengan keduanya untuk mempelajari tentang permainan tradisional, lagu, dan cerita rakyat Bali, dan mengapa mereka merasa bahwa menjaga budaya Bali tetap hidup adalah hal yang krusial.

This event will be pre-recorded. Click this link to submit your question for the panelists. Selected questions will be asked during the recording.

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Kadek Purnami

Kadek Purnami is a writer and event planner based in Bali. In 2012, she published a collection of short stories entitled Sebab Cinta and in 2020, she published the audiobook. …

Gede Tarmada

Gede Tarmada is a storyteller and a children’s book illustrator for Made Taro’s book project. He has participated in international storytelling festivals both at home and abroad. He is following …

Made Taro

Born in Sengkidu, East Bali, Made Taro was educated as an archeologist, but found his calling in writing poetry and folklore for children. He has written 15 books on traditional …

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