Main Program | Jonathan Safran Foer: We Are the Weather: Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

30 Oct 2020 16:00 - 17:00
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In his new book We Are the Weather, Jonathan Safran Foer explores the central global dilemma of our time in a surprising, deeply personal, and urgent new way. Join him as he discusses why only collective action will save our home and way of life. And it all starts with what we eat – and don’t eat – for breakfast.

Dalam buku terbarunya We Are the Weather, Jonathan Safran Foer mengeksplorasi dilema global di zaman mengejutkan yang kita hadapi, sangat personal, dan mendesak. Bergabunglah dengannya untuk membahas mengapa hanya aksi kolektif yang akan menyelamatkan tempat tinggal dan cara hidup kita. Dan semuanya dimulai dengan apa yang kita makan – dan apa yang tidak kita makan – untuk sarapan.

This event will be pre-recorded. Click this link to submit your question for the panelists. Selected questions will be asked during the recording.

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