Main Program | Decolonization in Writing Practice: Paving the Path to Equality

19 Oct 2023 11:15 - 12:15
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Alang-Alang @Taman Baca. Jl Raya Sanggingan Ubud (Google Maps)

The great civil rights leader Fannie Lou Hamer said, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” What do we need to do to achieve equality? What political, social, and cultural shifts are needed in the larger society and on the individual level? Eva Fernandez speaks with author and social commentator Debra Dank, scent designer and author Tanaïs, and ethnologist Dr. Justin Wejak on decolonization in their writing practices.

Pemimpin gerakan hak-hak sipil Fannie Lou Hamer pernah berkata, “Tak seorangpun bisa bebas sebelum semua orang mendapatkan kebebasan.” Apa yang harus kita lakukan untuk meraih kesetaraan? Apa sajakah perubahan politik, sosial, dan budaya yang dibutuhkan dalam masyarakat luas dan di taraf individu? Eva Fernandez berbincang-bincang dengan penulis dan komentator sosial Debra Dank, perancang wewangian dan penulis Tanaïs, dan etnolog Dr. Justin Wejak soal proses dekolonisasi dalam praktik kepenulisan mereka.



Tanaïs is a highly talented American fiction writer and perfumer. Their works include In Sensorium and the widely praised novel Bright Lines, which earned finalist positions for the Center for …

Justin Wejak

Dr. Justin Wejak, with a PhD from the University of Melbourne, is an accomplished ethnographer who delved into philosophy in Indonesia and later pursued theology and anthropology in Australia. His …

Debra Dank

Dr. Debra Dank, a proud Gudanji/Wakaja woman, has gifted the world a powerful memoir titled We Come With This Place. This remarkable work earned an unprecedented four out of fourteen …

Eva Fernandes

Eva Fernandes is a writer, poet, and artist. She trained and worked as a journalist in the Middle East where she published for Yahoo, The New York Times T Magazine, …