Main Program | David Byrne: American Utopia

08 Nov 2020 14:00 - 15:00
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“If, among the American pop stars born mid-20th century, Springsteen stands for heart and Prince is sex, Byrne – by reputation at least – is brains,” wrote Robert Armstrong in Financial Times. Join the Talking Heads frontman, author, and filmmaker as he reflects on more than 40 years of genre-obliterating music, books, and videos, his new film with Spike Lee, and how isolation has impacted his creativity.

“Jika di antara bintang pop Amerika yang lahir pertengahan abad ke-20, Springsteen mewakili hati dan Prince mewakili seksualitas, Byrne – setidaknya dengan reputasi – adalah kecerdasan,” tulis Robert Armstrong di Financial Times. Bergabunglah dengan vokalis, penulis, dan pembuat film Talking Heads saat ia merenungkan lebih dari 40 tahun perjalanan musik, buku, dan video yang menghapus genre, film terbarunya dengan Spike Lee, dan bagaimana isolasi telah memengaruhi kreativitasnya.

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David Byrne

Academy Award winner, David Byrne, is a musician, composer, and producer. His Broadway debut based on his solo album, David Byrne’s American Utopia, has a film version directed by Spike …

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