Main Program | Ben Bland: Hong Kong’s Struggle

05 Nov 2020 14:00 - 15:00
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With the new draconian and far-reaching national security law recently imposed on Hong Kong, are the struggles of Hong Kong only about human rights and democracy, or do they address deeper issues of home, dignity, and identity? Ben Bland’s first book, Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow, was published in 2017. He’ll explore how and why tensions in the region have escalated since.

Dengan undang-undang keamanan nasional baru yang terlampau keras dan berimplikasi luas yang baru-baru ini diberlakukan di Hong Kong, apakah perjuangan Hong Kong hanya seputar hak asasi manusia dan demokrasi, atau apakah mereka membahas tentang masalah dalam negeri, martabat, dan identitas yang lebih dalam? Buku pertama Ben Bland, Generation HK: Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow, diterbitkan pada tahun 2017. Ia akan mengeksplorasi bagaimana dan mengapa ketegangan di kawasan tersebut meningkat sejak saat itu.

This event will be pre-recorded. Click this link to submit your question for the panelists. Selected questions will be asked during the recording.

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Andreas Harsono

Journalist Andreas Harsono has covered Indonesia for Human Rights Watch since 2008. He has reported for The Jakarta Post, Bangkok’s Nation and Kuala Lumpur’s Star, and edited Pantau, a magazine …

Ben Bland

Director of the Southeast Asia Program at the Lowy Institute in Sydney, Australia, Ben Bland, is the author of Man of Contradictions: Joko Widodo and the Struggle to Remake Indonesia. …

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