Main Program | Bandana Tewari: The Future of Fashion

02 Nov 2020 15:00 - 16:00
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Inspired by the teachings of Gandhi, fashion activist Bandana Tewari promotes mindful, sustainable fashion and is an advocate for the preservation of traditional textiles. She’ll discuss her life in the fashion industry and pose urgent questions about consumerism, ethical practices, and the future of fashion in the light of COVID-19. Are we able to change or does fashion have to look back to move forward?

Terinspirasi oleh ajaran Gandhi, pegiat fesyen Bandana Tewari mempromosikan fesyen yang penuh perhatian dan berkelanjutan dan merupakan bentuk dukungan terhadap pelestarian tekstil tradisional. Ia akan membahas kehidupannya di industri fesyen dan mendiskusikan tentang konsumerisme, perilaku etis, dan masa depan fesyen terkait COVID-19. Apakah kita bisa berubah atau apakah fesyen harus melihat ke belakang untuk bergerak maju?


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Reevo Saulus

Reevo Saulus is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator based in Ubud, Bali. In the past four years, he works on multiple projects, from visual identity development to illustration and …

Bandana Tewari

Lifestyle journalist and sustainability activist, Bandana Tewari, writes about Indigenous economics of India and Indonesia, LGBTQ representation in fashion, and more for The Business of Fashion. She also writes about …

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