Main Program | Bali’s Citizen Journalism

04 Nov 2020 13:00 - 14:00
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Citizen journalism in Bali has never been stronger. The community-based journalism portals Bale Bengong and Tatkala provide a platform for local writers to discuss a vast range of topics, including current affairs, politics, art, and culture. In this age of fake news, credible voices and expert opinions are vital. Meet some of the leaders of Bali’s thriving citizen journalism scene.

Jurnalisme warga di Bali tidak pernah sekuat ini. Komunitas berbasis portal jurnalisme, Bale Bengong dan Tatkala, menyediakan platform bagi penulis lokal untuk mendiskusikan berbagai topik, termasuk isu terkini, politik, seni, dan budaya. Di era berita palsu atau hoaks ini, pendapat yang kredibel dan dari para ahli sangatlah penting. Temui beberapa pemimpin portal jurnalisme warga yang berkembang pesat di Bali ini.

This event is recorded at The Westin Resort & Spa Ubud.

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Iin Valentine

Iin Valentine is one of the writers of BaleBengong. Her decision to pursue journalism led to many meaningful encounters and narratives of Bali that are rare or even nonexistent in …

Oktaria Asmarani

Oktaria Asmarani is managing the environmental education programs at R.O.L.E Foundation, while occasionally writing and editing articles in Balebengong. She led the editorial team of the Balairung at UGM for …

Made Adnyana Ole

Made Adnyana Ole was born in Tabanan, Bali. Founder of Tatkala.co, he writes poetry, prose, cultural essays, and journalistic pieces. He received the Anugrah Sastra Tantular Award and Bali Jani …

Vanesa Martida

Born in Denpasar, Vanesa Martida is a member of the creative writing community in Bali, Sahaja. Since 2011, she has been actively involved in various cultural arts program at Bentara …

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