Art Exhibition | Tangan Pustaka

01 Sep 2023 10:00 /

Pusaka, meaning ‘heirloom’ in Indonesian, typically refers to cherished items passed down through generations, often physical objects like scriptures, antiques, or jewelry. However, we believe Pusaka should also encompass intangible …

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Fringe Event | A Creative Work-in-Progress Proposal – Three Days Writing Class

29 Sep 2023 10:00

Join an exclusive series of writing classes with Andre Syahreza, Henry Manampiring, and Gde Aryantha Soetama at Puri Kanginan Buleleng. Together, you will grasp the fundamentals of writing, starting from …

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Fringe Event | Filosofi Teras with Henry Manampiring

29 Sep 2023 15:00

How can self-awareness and self-control help solve everyday problems? And how can philosophy offer solutions to current personal and emotional situations? Bestselling author Henry Manampiring will share insights on self-mastery …

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Fringe Event | Prosa Gerilya with Andre Syahreza

29 Sep 2023 17:00

The guerrilla journey of hero I Gusti Ngurah Rai holds great historical significance in the context of Indonesia’s independence. Andre Syahreza encapsulates it through Prosa Gerilya, a literary work that …

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Fringe Event | Dramatic Reading: Mlancaran ka Sasak dan Slonding

29 Sep 2023 18:00

How did past writers capture society’s concerns about the issues around them? How did their works convey complex thoughts from the past? This dramatic reading performance offers a thought-provoking glimpse …

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Fringe Event | Wayang Kulit Performance by Dalang Putu Ardiyasa

29 Sep 2023 20:00

Ardiyasa, an artist and academic, will present ancient texts in a contemporary narrative, bridging the past and present. He uses shadow puppetry, known as Wayang, as a storytelling medium, engaging …

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Fringe Event | Old Texts as a Source of Inspiration for New Texts

30 Sep 2023 17:00

Old texts don’t always mean they are outdated. Through adaptation into various new forms, old texts can inspire the younger generation to understand and reflect on the relevance of our …

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Fringe Event | Literature, Tourism, and Literary Tourism

30 Sep 2023 18:00

Literature serves as a mirror reflecting personal and universal culture in society, making its appeal crucial in documenting a nation’s culture. Literature-based tourism is essential as a means of introducing …

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Fringe Event | Wayang Sembroli Performance

01 Oct 2023 20:00

Wayang Kulit, the shadow puppetry, can now be presented through various collaborative performances with theater, dance, music, and combined audio elements, creating a comprehensive and highly innovative presentation. The event …

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Art Exhibition | A Constant Longing: Exhibition and Book Talks

18 Oct 2023 09:00 /

During the 24-year-long occupation of East Timor, members of the Indonesian military forces took thousands of children from their Timorese families across the border to Indonesia. Decades later, Asia Justice …

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