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Program Category: Meet Speakers Live

Get the chance to meet the speakers in person in Ubud. This is a program option that brings speakers live in Ubud and can interact directly with them.

Main Program | Festival Welcome

Join us as Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2021 begins with a warm welcome from our Founder and Director, Janet DeNeefe, and two inspiring keynote speeches. This year, the Festival …

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Main Program | Tale of Banda: In Conversation with Hilmar Farid

Spice has a large influence on Indonesian history. Starting from the Banda and Maluku regions, trade routes in the past have crossed various regions and pushed transit cities into cultural …

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Book Launch | Naik Puisi: Catatan Seorang Penyair-Pengelana

08 Oct 2021 20:00 /

Tan Lioe Ie’s Naik Puisi: Catatan Seorang Penyair-Pengelana tells his journey of participating in different literature festivals around the nation and around the world. This book shows the different literary cultures between …

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Film Screening | Ring of Fire

09 Oct 2021 19:00 /

Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey is the award-winning documentary series that explored the Indonesian islands’ rich cultures, from 1972 to 1985. Recently remastered and recoloured, their adventures took them from …

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Special Event | Storytelling Speakeasy Experience

12 Oct 2021 18:00 /

UWRF is excited to announce a collaboration with FABx – The Fabulous and Extraordinary Stories of Life – to create the UWRF Storytelling Speakeasy Experience. Hosted at the beautiful boutique …

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Main Program | A Picture is Worth A Thousand Perspectives

Since 2007, Mayank Austen Soofi has been documenting Delhi’s everyday life. During the city’s most desperate COVID-19 moments, he collected images and heartfelt stories of the people’s collective grief. Joshua …

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Main Program | Redefining Ubud

Known as the world’s village, Ubud has shifted its image throughout the years. For decades, everything local and traditional has been fused with a cosmopolitan and international perspective. So, what …

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Main Program | New Spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the creative behaviour of artists, including writers and readers. Digital-based writing media are increasingly emerging, as is the presence of literacy appreciation activities in cyberspace. …

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Main Program | Ethical Tourism Post Pandemic

As one of the most fearless defenders of Balinese culture and people, designer Niluh Djelantik is on a mission to build better tourism in the island post-pandemic. She has been …

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Live Music & Art | Women Poetry Slam

Raise your voice in the annual Women of Words Poetry Slam where we’re seeking powerful poems exploring feminist self-reflection. Whether it’s Bahasa Indonesian, English, free verse, or rhyme – express …

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