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Program Category: Main Program 15 Oct

Main Program | Our Final Warning

15 Oct 2021 09:00 /

In Our Final Warning, Mark Lynas explores the course we have set for Earth over the next century and beyond. He delivers a vital account of the likely consequences of …

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Main Program | The Animals in That Country

15 Oct 2021 10:00 /

Described as a unique, brave piece of work that speaks to our world at this time, Laura Jean Mackay’s award-winning novel, The Animals in That Country, takes us on an …

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Main Program | Bamboo Visionaries

Elora Hardy is the creative genius behind IBUKU, an architectural company that constructs breath-taking bamboo structures. Arief Rabik is the force behind Indonesia’s Environmental Bamboo Foundation and the founder of …

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Main Program | The Many Faces of Gender in Literature

15 Oct 2021 12:30 /

The freedom of gender expression and fluidity continues to face challenges throughout times. Art and literature is widely considered as moderate fluid spaces that create spaces for openness to the …

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Main Program | Chiribiquete of the Colombian Amazon. A world in one world.

15 Oct 2021 13:45 /

In his recent book “Chiribiquete: The Cosmic Maloka of the Jaguar Men”, Carlos Castano-Uribe shares his research of more than 30 years of the Chiribiquete National Park, a biodiversity hotspot …

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Main Program | Mulat Sarira: Self Reflection

Mulat Sarira is a Balinese philosophy that invites us to reflect on various aspects of ourselves and broader humanity, such as our relationship with the environment, society and the spiritual. …

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Main Program | Islands of Abandonment

15 Oct 2021 16:15 /

What happens to wildlife when humans have retreated to certain places because of conflict or disaster? Cal Flyn’s Islands on Abandonment brings together some of the most desolate ghost towns …

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