Program Category: Main Program 10 Oct

Main Program | Fury

10 Oct 2021 09:00 /

At the age of twenty, after a traumatic sexual assault trial, Kathryn Heyman ran away from her life and became a deckhand on a fishing trawler in the Timor Sea. …

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Main Program | A Picture is Worth A Thousand Perspectives

10 Oct 2021 10:15 /

Since 2007, Mayank Austen Soofi has been documenting Delhi’s everyday life. During the city’s most desperate COVID-19 moments, he collected images and heartfelt stories of the people’s collective grief. Joshua …

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Main Program | Autobiography of Death

10 Oct 2021 11:30 /

Greatly affected by the tragic Sewol Ferry incident of 2014, when more than 300 Koreans, mainly schoolchildren, lost their lives, Kim Hyesoon composed Autobiography of Death, a cycle of forty-nine poems …

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Main Program | First Nations Poets

Australia’s First Nations people are the country’s first memory holders and storytellers. However, their stories are often left unheard. Join three First Nations writers, Elfie Shiosaki, Jarrad Travers, and Cass …

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Main Program | Roads Less Travelled, Travel Writing in the Time of COVID-19

When a global health crisis closes borders between and within countries, does literature’s potential to transport people to new places take on greater significance? David Allan-Petale, whose debut novel, Locust Summer, …

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Main Program | Poetry and Politics

Poets Emily Sun and Felix K. Nesi are powerful emerging voices in the literary communities of Australia and Indonesia, respectively. Their poetries consider the personal and political impacts of imperialism, …

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Main Program | The Secrets of the Magdalena and the Colombian Amazon

10 Oct 2021 16:15 /

Wade Davis tells of his travels on the magnificent Magdalena River, the source of Colombian music, literature, poetry, and prayer. Carlos Castaño-Uribe writes about his devotion to the protection of …

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Main Program | Talking to the Trees

10 Oct 2021 17:15 /

The leading authority of forest medicine in Japan, Dr. Qing Li, shares stories with a world-renowned tree scientist, ecologist, educator, and conservationist, Meg Lowman ‘Canopy Meg’. The two experts will …

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