Program Category: Main Program

With a fee of Rp 299.000, you can access all Main Programs. These can be accessed online via Townscript.com by purchasing tickets via the BUY Ticket button on the MAIN PROGRAM page. The link to access the Main Program will automatically be sent via email after purchasing a ticket.

The Main Program is also broadcast live at Indus Restaurant. Those who have purchased tickets via Townscript.com can use these tickets to watch at Indus Restaurant. The Main Program will be broadcast live with speakers who are present in person at Indus Restaurant or will present online (for speakers who are outside Bali). Indus capacity will be limited according to health protocols.

On 8-10 October the festival will also be broadcast live at The Rechabite Hall, Perth. Those who are in Perth and its surrounding areas will be able to watch the Main Program live from there.

Main Program | Gods of the Upper Air

08 Oct 2021 10:00 /

From the outspoken Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict to Ella Deloria, the Dakota Sioux activist who preserved the traditions of Native Americans on the Great Plains, their revolutionary findings gave …

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Main Program | Exploring Closer

08 Oct 2021 11:00 /

Muhammad Ade Putra is a young poet who is actively reflecting on locality in his poems, and Eki Saputra describes environmental issues and marginalized people through his short stories. Together …

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Main Program | The New and the Old of Indonesian Literature

08 Oct 2021 12:30 /

How do we interpret the development of literary works in Indonesia lately? Indonesian established and emerging writers, Rio Johan, Inggit Putria Marga, and Wayan Sumahardika, elaborate on the issues in …

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Main Program | The Lasalaga Project

08 Oct 2021 14:00 /

The Lasalaga Project is Louis Buana’s research of the ancient legend of Lasalaga, the fierce ruler of Mamuju, West Sulawesi. Of Balinese-Sulawesi heritage, Lasalaga’s story highlights the harmonious relationship between …

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Main Program | Project Multatuli: A Voice to the Voiceless

08 Oct 2021 15:30 /

Multatuli’s book Max Havelaar is a powerful indictment of colonialism in the Dutch East Indies. Inspired by his fight for equality, Project Multatuli is a public journalism organization that expose …

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Main Program | The Travel Writing Tribe

08 Oct 2021 16:45 /

What is the future of travel writing in the 21st century? In his book, The Travel Writing Tribe, Tim Hannigan asked this question as he sets out on humorous mini-adventures …

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Main Program | More Than A Woman

09 Oct 2021 09:00 /

Throughout history, female writers have had to fight to be taken seriously. Women’s literature was once thought to tell only the personal and domestic, unable to touch on big ideas …

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Main Program | Self Reflection and Loving Kindness

09 Oct 2021 10:00 /

Struggling to maintain grace and good humour amidst daily potholes and pitfalls? Author and essayist Brigid Lowry maybe just the warm, wise, and witty companion you need. To start the …

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Main Program | Weaving Mythical Characters and Magic Realism

Celebrated Indonesian author Ayu Utami, a pioneer of women’s erotica in Indonesia, along with Fogarty Award-winner Rebecca Higgie, will share stage and screen with Professor Krishna Sen to explore the …

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Main Program | Media and Memoir

In Phosphorescence, Julia Baird immerses herself in nature to explore friendships, family, loss, and illness, to seek the inner light that brightens our lives in the darkest times. In The …

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