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Program Category: Festival Club

The Festival Club is a free online event running each day of the UWRF21 program. The Festival Club will feature various young speakers and inspiring figures, discussing a range of diverse topics from literature, social issues, the environment, and art.

Speakers include authors Zen Cho & Sharlene Teo, who will discuss their various literary works, and I Made Janur Yasa and Ida Bagus Mandhara Brasika, who will explore the topic of waste management in Bali.

The Club events will be live-streamed on the UWRF Instagram account each afternoon of the festival from 8-17 October, and is free for everyone to watch on Instagram Live.

Festival Club | Black Water Sister

08 Oct 2021 15:00

Set in Penang, this modern fantasy is a heart-warming tale of personal identity, family secrets, and culture clash. Jessamyn Teoh must navigate the world of gods, ghosts, gangsters and supernatural …

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Festival Club | There’s No Time to Waste

13 Oct 2021 16:00

How complicated is the waste problem in Bali? Non-governmental movements that care about waste management on the island continue to grow to help make more people implement waste management independently. …

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Festival Club | Ponti

14 Oct 2021 18:00

Considered one of the most extraordinary young talents to debut in recent years, Sharlene Teo’s first novel, Ponti, was described by Ian McEwan as “remarkable,” praising the way “her characters glow …

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Festival Club | Black Box

15 Oct 2021 16:00

Shiori Ito is the face of Japan’s #MeToo movement and has forever changed life for Japanese women. Her brave accusation of sexual violence against her harasser and consequent court victory …

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Festival Club | Puan Seni

16 Oct 2021 16:00

Puan Seni has been a safe space for women artists since 2015. They have created various discussions, events, and activities, including the Women’s Artists Gathering, in Bali, Sumba, Flores, and …

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Festival Club | Small Bodies of Water

17 Oct 2021 16:00

Small Bodies of Water is a personal journey that weaves together place, migration, food, family, and the exploration of the water that separates and connects us. Nina Mingya Powles speaks to …

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