Program Category: Book Launches

With the Festival, emerging and established authors have the opportunity to introduce their publication to larger audience at our free digital Book Launch series. You can join them from the comfort of your home and show support for the new words in the world.

Book Launch | Yang Terlupakan dan Dilupakan: Ruang Perempuan dan Tulisan Membaca 10 Perempuan Penulis

15 Oct 2021 15:00

Terlupakan dan Dilupakan: Ruang Perempuan dan Tulisan Membaca 10 Perempuan Penulis is an anthology of studies on the forgotten works and achievements of ten Indonesian women writers. Compiled by ten contemporary …

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Book Launch | KINK

15 Oct 2021 17:30 /

Join us for the launch of Ray Shabir’s KINK. This poetry collection presents an almost religious celebration of pain through the many lenses of pleasure. These intimate poems retrace his own …

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Book Launch | Timeless Harmony Book

16 Oct 2021 13:30

Other than Tri Hita Karana, the Balinese life is also based on the concept of Desa Kala Patra, which reflects on our space, time, and conditions. SHL Asia, a Bali based hospitality …

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Book Launch | Southpaw

16 Oct 2021 15:00

“Thought-provoking, suspenseful, heart wrenching, gritty” are few words to describe Dennis Sweeney’s novel, Southpaw. Don’t miss this book launch that offers so much more than what the cover and synopsis promise. …

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Book Launch | Bali Coffee: Origin’s New Wave

16 Oct 2021 17:00 /

Origin is a place where coffee is grown. Bali Coffee: Origin’s New Wave is a story about Bali, coffee, and the spaces between. The book explores local farming and experimental processing methods …

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Book Launch | UWRF21 Anthology Book: Mulat Sarira

16 Oct 2021 18:00 /

Each year, UWRF calls out to budding writers across the archipelago: send us your stories! The most outstanding emerging Indonesian voices, selected from hundreds of submissions, are published in the …

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Book Launch | Destination: Jakarta 2040

17 Oct 2021 15:00

The concept of time is fundamental to how the universe works. We have been able to understand how it affects everything through physics. In his debut fiction novel, Destination: Jakarta 2040, …

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Book Launch | Luh Ayu Manik Mas

17 Oct 2021 18:00 /

Modeled after traditional Indonesian shadow puppet storytellers, Luh Ayu Manik Mas tells a story of a schoolgirl superhero who has conversations with children, experts, and elders around environmental, health, and social issues. …

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