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Category: Indonesian Emerging Writers

Stories from the archipelago | Klonnong Verses by Joko Sucipto

Klonnong Verses by Joko Sucipto A disembodied voice reflects on the vanity of its village from its resting place, a hay-strewn stable. No-one hears the sound of the age through …

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Stories from the archipelago | The Exclamation Mark on the Body by Deasy Tirayoh

the exclamation mark on the body by deasy tirayoh The mysteries and uncertainties of young love are symbolized by an exclamation mark drawn on the body. Over moonlit New Year’s …

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913 works submitted to the 2017 UWRF Indonesian Emerging Writers Prize

Discovering and promoting Indonesian voices is a core part of the Festival’s mission. The annual UWRF Indonesian Emerging Writers Prize is open to all emerging Indonesian writers of any genre. …

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913 Karya Masuk Penyaringan Emerging Writers Indonesia 2017

Pada bulan Februari lalu submisi pemilihan Emerging Writers Indonesia tahun 2017 resmi ditutup. Seleksi Emerging Writers Indonesia ini adalah sebuah program khusus UWRF untuk menemukan calon bintang-bintang sastra masa depan …

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