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Day One of #UWRF15: The Poetry & Philosophy of Freedom

Posted: 30 October 2015 Author: uwrf

Day One of the 12th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival kicked off with a true sense of freedom. Jakarta Post editor Endy Bayuni explained that “without freedom of expression all …

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17,000 Islands, Infinite Sources of Inspiration

Posted: 27 October 2015 Author: uwrf

By Julia Winterflood At the opening ceremony of the recent Frankfurt Book Fair, where Indonesia was Guest of Honour, Indonesia’s Education Minister Anies Baswedan declared, “diversity is a source of …

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The Sights & Sounds of the 2015 UWRF Arts Program

Posted: 24 October 2015 Author: uwrf

As Bali’s cultural heartland, it’s no surprise Ubud comes into its own with an array of exciting music acts, performances, and art happenings. With famed Indonesian crooners, Dayak tribal leaders …

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Unleash your Creativity at the Free Children’s & Youth Program

Posted: 22 October 2015 Author: uwrf

Under 18? Want to be a writer? Or an illustrator? Or have you caught the book bug and can’t stop reading? If it’s a yes to any of those questions, …

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Pageturner: unmissable book launches

Posted: 20 October 2015 Author: uwrf

Book Launches are an annual Ubud Writers & Readers Festival tradition, with leading literary figures such as Tony Wheeler, Diana Darling and Ahmad Fuadi all having launched their books at …

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The Kitchen: UWRF’s Culinary Theatre

Posted: 16 October 2015 Author: uwrf

By Julia Winterflood Why isn’t Indonesian cuisine better known internationally? was a query posed frequently throughout the inaugural Ubud Food Festival, UWRF’s sibling event. Numerous answers were proffered – the …

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Boost your Bahasa Indonesia and Basa Bali

Posted: 14 October 2015 Author: sikuska

Selamat pagi! Apa kabar? Mau belajar Bahasa Indonesia? Ya? Dan silahkan ikut ‘Bahasa Breakfast’ di Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2015. Don’t understand the above? Then you should probably head …

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Don’t Fake It, Just Make It

Posted: 09 October 2015 Author: sikuska

By Julia Winterflood The publishing world is dizzyingly unpredictable. We lament plummeting print book sales and tremble at the rise of the e-reader, and then the UK’s largest book retailer …

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Going Deeper into 17,000 Islands of Imagination

Posted: 07 October 2015 Author: uwrf

By I Wayan Juniarta, Indonesian Program Manager The central theme of this year’s Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is 17,000 Islands of Imagination, which refers not only to the geographical …

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Xinran: the truth behind the One Child Generation

Posted: 02 October 2015 Author: uwrf

By Uma Anyar One of the rewards of being a long-term attendee at Ubud Writers & Readers Festival is the pleasure of reconnecting with a writer discovered at an earlier …

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