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Tito Ambyo

Country: Australia

Tito Ambyo is an award-winning Indonesian/Australian journalist, writer, researcher, and producer. Tito’s latest project, Re(lu)minescence, is a collaborative public art exhibition that combines photography, poetry, and journalism, exploring the stories of Fawkner, Melbourne, through video projections, paste-ups, and photographic installations. His project, Fact Check Your Mother, won the Ossie Award for ‘Most Innovative Journalism’ in 2017. His book, Tito Storylab has been longlisted by Walkley for Innovation in Journalism, and his A Peci for Mamadou was shortlisted for the Deborah Case Prize.

Tito Ambyo adalah jurnalis, penulis, peneliti, dan produser dari Indonesia/Australia. Proyek terbaru Tito, Re(lu)minescence, adalah pameran seni publik kolaboratif yang menggabungkan fotografi, puisi, dan jurnalisme, mengeksplorasi kisah-kisah Fawkner, Melbourne, melalui proyeksi video, paste-up, dan instalasi fotografi. Proyeknya, Fact Check Your Mother, memenangkan Ossie Award untuk ‘Jurnalisme Paling Inovatif’ pada tahun 2017. Bukunya, Tito Storylab telah masuk daftar panjang oleh Walkley untuk Inovasi dalam Jurnalisme, dan A Peci for Mamadou terpilih untuk Deborah Case Prize.

Appearing in

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