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Teater Kacak Kicak

Country: Indonesia

Kacak Kicak is a small group concentrating on performing arts, particularly puppet theatre. Kicak means ‘children’ in the language of Pedawa, a Bali Aga village in Buleleng, Singaraja. Composed of young artists who are active in the art world, this group aims to bring back traditional Balinese fairy tales by making it a fun and interactive performance of puppets. The group explores Balinese culture, questioning, rethinking, and colliding it with contemporary contexts to create futuristic puppet theatre performances.

Kicak berarti anak-anak dalam bahasa pedawa, suatu desa Bali Aga di Buleleng, Singaraja. Kacak Kicak adalah kelompok kecil yang berkonsentrasi di seni pertunjukan, khususnya teater boneka. Menggali budaya Bali, untuk dipertanyakan ulang, dipikirkan kembali, dibenturkan dengan konteks kekinian lalu menjadi bakal pertunjukan teater boneka.

Appearing in

Poetry & Performance | Theatre for Children and Youth

Come together to see performances of children’s and youth theater across a variety of mediums. Puppet theater will be performed by Kacak Kicak and a motion theater performance by the …

Children Program | Our Magical Puppet Theatre

Together with Teater Kacak Kicak, we will turn recycled materials into cute puppets. This fun craft workshop will help promote self-expression & crafting creativity within your child. Children will be …