Sujiwo Tejo

Country: Indonesia

Sujiwo Tejo is an Indonesian puppeteer. His father, Soetedjo, was a Javanese shadow puppeteer and also directed human puppet and mask puppet theater. Sujiwo pursued studies in Mathematics and Civil Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology from 1980 to 1988. To this day, he is frequently invited to seminars where he delivers talks on mathematics. One of his most popular talks was at TEDx Bandung, addressing the topic of Math: Finding Harmony in Chaos. As a musician, Sujiwo believes that mathematics is an orchestration of various concepts, while music itself is a mathematical formula for creating sounds.

Sujiwo Tejo adalah seorang dalang dari Indonesia. Ayahnya, Soetedjo, seorang dalang wayang kulit dan wayang orang Jawa, juga dalang wayang topeng (kerte) Madura. Pernah belajar Matematika di Jurusan Matematika ITB dan belajar teknik di Jurusan Teknik Sipil ITB (1980–1988). Hingga sekarang ia kerap diundang untuk berceramah tentang matematika. Salah satu pengundangnya TEDx Bandung, dengan topik Math: Finding Harmony in Chaos. Sebagai seorang pemain musik, Sujiwo berpendapat bahwa matematika adalah orkestrasi dari berbagai konsep, sedangkan musik adalah matematika yang berbunyi.

Appearing in

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