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Steph Harmon

Country: Australia

Steph Harmon is the Australian arts and culture editor for The Guardian, where she commissions Australian books, visual art, stage, music, film, TV, and festivals. Before that, she was the founding and managing editor of Junkee, a politics, pop culture, and comment site, and the editor of music and arts street press the Brag. She has contributed to The Guardian, Time Out, The Vine, Beat Magazine, and The Music Network and occasionally talks about pop culture, politics, and online media on ABC Radio, Radio National, and The Project.

Steph Harmon adalah editor seni dan budaya Australia untuk The Guardian, di mana ia mencari buku-buku Australia, seni visual, panggung, musik, film, TV, dan festival. Sebelum itu, ia adalah pendiri dan editor pengelola Junkee, sebuah situs politik, budaya pop, dan situs opini, dan editor musik dan seni jalanan the Brag. Ia telah berkontribusi untuk The Guardian, Time Out, The Vine, Beat Magazine, dan The Music Network dan berbicara tentang budaya pop, politik, dan media online di Radio ABC, Radio National, dan The Project.

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