Sidhi Vhisatya

Country: Indonesia

Sidhi Vhisatya is an Indonesian queer art practitioner and researcher. He is a member of the Queer Indonesia Archive (QIA) collective, where he focuses on curation and material collection. His work revolves around storytelling for human rights and community engagement, which includes curating exhibitions on HIV history and queer movements. In 2022, Sidhi received the Prince Claus Seeds Award and conducted archive research on queer Catholic and trans acceptance. In 2023, he participated in a partnership project between Art et al in the UK and Ketemu Project in Bali, promoting collaboration between disabled and contemporary artists. Additionally, he serves as a Program and Outreach Manager at SAKA Museum in Bali, where he is dedicated to preserving Balinese culture.

Sidhi Vhisatya adalah seorang praktisi dan peneliti queer art. Ia merupakan anggota dari kolektif Queer Archive Indonesia (QIA), tempatnya berfokus pada kurasi dan pengumpulan bahan-bahan. Karya-karyanya mencakup storytelling untuk hak-hak asasi manusia dan keterlibatan komunitas, yang mencakup mengkurasi pameran-pameran tentang sejarah HIV dan gerakan queer. Pada 2022, Sidhi menerima Prince Claus Seeds Award dan menjalankan penelitian arsip tentang penerimaan diri pada kelompok queer dan trans Katolik. Pada 2023, ia turut serta dalam proyek kemitraan di antara Art et al di UK dan Ketemu Project di Bali, mempromosikan kerjasama antara seniman difabel dan kontemporer. Selain itu, ia juga menjabat sebagai Program and Outreach Manager untuk SAKA Museum di Bali, tempatnya membaktikan diri untuk pelestarian budaya Bali.

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