Saras Manickam

Country: Malaysia

Saras Manickam, an acclaimed Malaysian writer, achieved global recognition when her story My Mother Pattu won the Asia regional prize in the 2019 Commonwealth Short Story Contest. This story, a testament to her storytelling prowess, was subsequently featured in the anthology The Art and Craft of Asian Stories by Bloomsbury in 2021 and ‘The Best of Malaysian Short Fiction in English 2010-2020’ in 2022. With a rich background that includes teaching, copywriting, and editing, Saras draws from her diverse experiences to create authentic characters and life-inspired narratives. She’s also a recipient of the 2017 DK Dutt Award and has contributed to respected anthologies like Silverfish and Readings from Readings, with one story making it as a finalist in the 2021 Masters Review Summer Short Story Award. Saras Manickam continues her literary journey in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Saras Manickam, seorang penulis Malaysia ternama, telah mendapatkan pengakuan global ketika cerita yang ia tulis My Mother Pattu memenangkan hadiah 2019 Commonwealth Short Story Contest untuk wilayah Asia. Kisah ini, yang membuktikan kehebatan Saras dalam menuturkan cerita, kemudian dimuat dalam antologi The Art and Craft of Asian Stories oleh Bloomsbury pada 2021 dan ‘The Best of Malaysian Short Fiction in English 2010-2020’ pada 2022. Dengan pengalamannya yang kaya di dunia sastra sebagai pengajar, copywriter dan editor, Saras telah menimba inspirasi dari pengalamannya yang beragam untuk menciptakan tokoh-tokoh yang otentik dan penuturan yang terinspirasi dari kehidupan nyata. Ia juga telah menerima 2017 DK Dutt Award dan telah menyumbangkan tulisan ke berbagai antologi ternama seperti Silverfish dan Reading from Readings; salah satu ceritanya di sana menjadai finalis untuk 2021 Masters Review Summer Short Story Award. Saras Manickam melanjutkan perjalanan sastrawinya di Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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