Pritagita Arianegara

Country: Indonesia

Pritagita Arianegara is an accomplished Indonesian film director known for her work on the 2017 Sea Stories Short Film. She gained recognition with the feature film Salawaku, which premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 2016. Arianegara’s talents extend to directing both films and series, including the notable project Mendua. Throughout her career, she has directed five feature films and five series, showcasing her expertise in the film industry.

Pritagita Arianegara adalah seorang sutradara film berprestasi yang dikenal atas karya-karyanya untuk 2017 Sea Stories Short Film. Ia mendapatkan pengakuan atas film feature-nya Salawaku, yang diputar perdana di Tokyo International Film Festival 2016. Arianegara memiliki bakat menyutradarai film dan serial, termasuk proyek Mendua yang terkenal. Sepanjang karirnya, ia telah menyutradarai lima film feature dan lima serial, menampilkan kepakarannya dalam industri film.

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