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Pebrianto Putra

Country: Indonesia

Pebrianto Putra is a member of a local community called the Rumah Manapo group with a general campaign program for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Muara Jambi Temple and cultural arts. He is also the illustrator of the book Mimpi-Mimpi Pulau Emas.

Supported by Yayasan Kalyana Shira & Artsforwomen

Pebrianto Putra tergabung di komunitas lokal yang bernama kumpulan Rumah Manapo dengan program umum kampanyenya pelestarian cagar budaya Candi Muara Jambi dan seni budaya. Ia juga menjaadi ilustator buku Mimpi-mimpi Pulau Emas.

Didukung oleh Yayasan Kalyana Shira & Artsforwomen

Appearing in

Main Program | Dreams from the Golden Island

Mimpi-mimpi dari Pulau Emas, Dreams from the Golden Island, is a poetic narrative by Elizabeth Inandiak and other writers and artists about the great sages of China, India, and Tibet …